LIGHTer International Conference, 6-7 April 2022, is a two-day conference, lunch-to-lunch, including conference dinner. The purpose of LIGHTer International Conference is to create opportunities for valuable international networking among world leading lightweight actors – from industry, academy and institutes. A preliminary programme will be available soon.

Tomorrow’s challenges

Environmental challenges and technological development make way for groundbreaking trends such as electrification, multifunctional materials and biobased materials - all essential to green lightweight innovations. At LIGHTer International Conference 2022, we offer a state-of-the-art of the current lightweight landscape, and sustainable lightweight innovations.

The way forward

Chains of collaboration need to be strengthened at all levels – between industrial sectors, between OEMs and their suppliers, between  institutes and universities, and between authorities and stakeholders within the field.

Session themes

Lightweight in fossil-free transportations
Lightweight further strengthens the potential benefit of electromobility for sustainable development, as lighter solutions, in addition to increased range, also reduce material consumption. This is true for fossil-free transportation on roads, in the air and at sea. Introducing heavy batteries, makes lightweight even more crucial to increase the range.

Circular lightweight
Making components and products lighter gives direct gains in the form of reduced fuel consumption, reduced use of materials and reduced workload to name but a few. We must always also include the entire product chain; from manufacturing to residual processing through a pronounced lifecycle perspective in all lightweight projects.

Radical lightweight through multifunctional materials
Multifunctionality includes materials, components and systems that can perform several different tasks. An effective way to reduce the weight of a system is to reduce the number of components by having each component perform more tasks. With larger and broader research groups we are able to produce solutions that give radically lower weight. 

Lightweight in infrastructure and energy
Lightweight solutions in the construction, energy and infrastructure industry save both energy and materials. It enables simpler technical solutions with less impact on the local environment. Design opportunities increase and operating costs decrease. An important focus is on reducing the use of virgin material through circular material flows.

Gothenburg is the heart of western Sweden where leading lightweight products such as cars, trucks, aircraft engines, marine vessels, and offshore and shipping equipment are produced. The conference venue will be Hotell 11 in Gothenburg. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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