LIGHTer PhD Network

About LIGHTer PhD Network

The LIGHTer PhD Network is unique. Through the network, PhD-students early establish and keep contact with others in the same situation with similar interests. The network is in close collaboration with both LIGHTer Academy and the industry, which gives exceptional access to interdisciplinary competencies.

LIGHTer PhD Network organises recurring seminars, meetings and technical forums for discussion. The network contributes with a coordinated offer of relevant PhD courses, as well as offer on course about lightweight on their own.

The network is open for all PhD students working with relevant lightweight research, as long as they are registered at a Swedish university. Currently there are approximately 120 registered students in the network. The full list of members in the network as well as their contact information is available below.

The network was established/created in 2014, and the first PhD students have now becom alumni. The host of the LIGHTer PhD Network is Luleå Technical University, which is responsible for the operation and development together with Chalmers University of Technology and the Royal Insititute of Technology. 

LIGHTer offers several doctoral courses in collaboration with a number of universities in lightweight technologies for members in LIGHTer PhD network. The courses content and information about each course can be found below.


LIGHTer - Lightweight materials and design, 6hp

Fundamental course in lightweight technologies

Damage and fracture in composites, 7,5 hp

Specific courses for LIGHTer PhD network

Operation and development of LIGHTer PhD Network

Participants in the operation and development of PhD Network, together with industry contacts participating in the general course in lightweight technology are presented below.



Dan Zenkert

Lättkonstruktioner, KTH

Industry contacts

The application process

In order to qualify for the network, you as a student must perform research on aspects relevant to the Swedish Lightweight Agenda published by LIGHTer. The agenda is available online. Please note that it in the application process is specifically asked for a motivation of how your research is relevant to the lightweight agenda. Please note that motivation will be used in the selection process of candidates. 
In order to apply, please use the dedicated application form below.


Wilhelm Johannisson

KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Lightweight Structures, Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering.