LIGHTer Academy & LIGHTer PhD Network Seminar

Start: 22 Feb 2023, 12:00

End: 22 Feb 2023, 13:00

Location: Zoom Meeting,

Type: Digital Seminar

Welcome to the first academic seminar of the year!

Our speakers this time are one LIGHTer PhD Network alumni and one industry researcher from LIGHTer Academy:
Dr. Meng Zhang
, Scania AB, (LIGHTer PhD Network alumni)
Efficient hull design for ice conditions in inland waterways 
With increasing interest in utilizing inland waterways (IWW) in European countries, the design of IWW vessels gains attention both from a transport efficiency and an emission control point of view. However, for Nordic Countries, the winter condition poses great hazards to the IWW ships. The research goal of this study is to improve the design of IWW ships adapted for Swedish freshwater ice conditions and take steps towards more energy and material-efficient crafts, seen over the yearly cycle and from a life cycle perspective. Ice-induced problems are thoroughly investigated to design such a ship, and the means of obtaining a lightweight structure are explored.    
Dr. Stylianos Seitanis, BETA CAE Nordic AB (industry researcher affiliated to LIGHTer Academy)
BETA CAE - A brief corporate profile, plus presence in the CAE community
Origins, history and position in the CAE community - Relationship with the Academia and respective research areas. 
You can access the meeting 15 minutes before and after the seminar.

Meeting link:
Password: LIGHTer
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