This is LIGHTer

LIGHTer creates cross-industry relationships. We are currently running 60 national projects within the lightweight area with more than 70 organisations. With LIGHTer, there is always a study trip, workshop or conference to look forward to. Read more about our research on lightweight below. 


Our projects function as a bridge between product development and commercialisation for companies selling end products as well as for suppliers of materials, services and manufacturing products. We run everything from disruptive and pre-projects to ongoing research and innovation projects.


LIGHTer provides the industry and academy with possibilities to carry out research that creates innovative lightweight solutions. We understand and communicate industrial needs to relevant actors with the aim to increase Swedish competetiveness in the lightweight area.

LIGHTer Academy

About LIGHTer Academy To strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness in the field of lightweighting, it needs to conduct world-class research in carefully chosen areas. Research teams must be coordinated and have the means to run professional research that can achieve real-world impact through the...


From Licentiate theses to conference contributions. Take part of LIGHTer Academy's publications.

Regional cooperation

The lightweight sector needs all of Sweden if it wants to evolve. LIGHTer is currently active in five regional nodes: Blekinge, North, Småland, Västra Götaland and Östergötland. Progress in lightweighting relies on collaboration between industry and academia in different regions of Sweden. In these...


If we want to promote innovative lightweight solutions, representatives from academia and industry need a place to meet. This is why we offer workshops, seminars and conferences, in addition to courses for both PhD students and industry stakeholders. You’re welcome to register for one of our events.