If we want to promote innovative lightweight solutions, representatives from academia and industry need a place to meet. This is why we offer workshops, seminars and conferences, in addition to courses for both PhD students and industry stakeholders. You’re welcome to register for one of our events.

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Date Event Type City
query_builder 21 - 22 Apr 2021 LIGHTer Summit Konferens
query_builder 15 Apr 2021 LIGHTer Academy Seminar Digital seminar
query_builder 10 Mar 2021 LIGHTer Academy Seminar
query_builder 04 Feb 2021 LIGHTer Academy Seminar Digital seminar
query_builder 25 Nov 2020 LIGHTer PhD Network Seminar Digital seminar
query_builder 20 - 21 Nov 2019 LIGHTer International Conference 2019 International Conference Gothenburg
query_builder 27 - 29 May 2019 CompTest 2019 Conference Luleå
query_builder 31 Jan 2019 Lightweight in future road transport Workshop Göteborg
query_builder 21 Nov 2018 LIGHTer Annual Meeting and Workshop about the future Årsstämma och workshop Stockholm
query_builder 19 Sep 2018 Seminar on product optimisation
query_builder 18 Sep 2018 Lightweight in the construction industry