LIGHTer Academy

About LIGHTer Academy

To strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness in the field of lightweighting, it needs to conduct world-class research in carefully chosen areas. Research teams must be coordinated and have the means to run professional research that can achieve real-world impact through the industrialisation and commercialisation of lightweight products. This is why we have created the LIGHTer Academy network. 

The Academy gathers researchers in technical disciplines from higher education institutions and research institutes across the country. They conduct basic research that can be applied across industries, refined in industry-driven projects and eventually verified in testing and demo facilities.

Together, we have successfully created a national network that involves industry as well as senior scientists and PhDs. Alongside the Academy, we run our much-appreciated LIGHTer PhD Network , which gathers in collaboration around 50 PhDs from across the country. Our first international conference became the springboard for a larger international collaboration that will be developed over the years to come.

List of publication for LIGHTer Academy

The researchers within LIGHTer Academy regularly publish scientific articles. Take part of the list of publication below.

Memebers of LIGHTer Academy


Malin Åkermo

Lättviktsstrukturer, KTH

Dan Zenkert

Lättkonstruktioner, KTH

Greta Lindwall

Materialvetenskap, KTH

Martin Fisk

Materialkunskap & tillämpad matematik, Malmö högskola

Anna-Lena Ljung

Strömningslära och experimentell mekanik, Luleå tekniska universitet