A strategic programme for lightweight research and innovation

Since 2013, LIGHTer has served as a hub for Sweden’s development in the lightweight field. We are an industry-spanning, research and innovation initiative aimed at stimulating the development of lightweight technologies, processes, and materials.

Through networking, conferences, and calls for proposals, we enable collaboration between larger industries, small and medium-sized enterprises, innovation organizations, universities, and research institutes.

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Latest news and events

query_builder 16 Nov 2023

From Germany to Sweden: Prof. Sebastian Scholz on his research collaboration with RISE and LIGHTer

An interview with Sebastian Scholz, a professor and researcher who has come to Sweden to work at RISE. He shares his background, research focus, goals, and experiences of relocating with his family...
query_builder 13 Nov 2023

LIGHTSPAN project optimizes design & manufacturing of pedestrian and bicycle bridges for a sustainable future

During the Steel Construction Day at Älvsjö Fair in October, the members of the LIGHTSPAN project, Peter Nilsson Strand, Amer Ali and Annette Fjeld-Hansen, presented the role of GA optimization and...
query_builder 03 Oct 2023

New call for projects within Eureka SMART

The call is aimed for those who want to run an international project in advanced manufacturing. Project applications can be submitted in the following areas: Advanced manufacturing processes...

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A circular approach

To secure the great potential of lightweight innovation, we take a circular perspective. In the circular value chain, the material of today’s lightweight products becomes resources in future solutions.

Each value chain actor integrates their respective value chains into a common circular value chain, where everyone takes the responsibility to create material, production processes and usage patterns that enable circularity. The effects are greatest when everyone takes lightweight into consideration already in the product development and design phase, whilst also considering the choice of business model.

Our international lightweight work

Internationalization is of great strategic relevance for LIGHTer. We actively participate in several international contexts around lightweight innovation.


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