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The CO2-Believe project aims to create the conditions for implementing genuine bio-based materials into innovative electric transport systems. A 100% biogenic composite material will be further developed towards driving properties – impact strength, vibration damping and thermal insulation to be able to achieve the functionality of Vidde's and Cake's snowmobiles and motorcycles. The basic material is a bio-based composite consisting of cellulose fiber and a matrix material based on derivatives from hemicellulose. Material systems will be developed, tested, characterized, and implemented in material models for computational development. Fossil-based plastic and aluminum can thus be replaced. Life cycle analysis carried out by Cake shows that 30% of the CO2 load on Cake's model Makka comes from aluminum and plastic parts. More than 90% of this load can potentially be reduced with the solution as the project. The results will be validated by producing demo components for both Cake and Vidde which will be tested in relevant challenging environment. A fully circular concept is the objective where all material can be returned to nature and rebuilt through the growth of new material in a biological diversity.

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RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Vidde Snowmobility

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14 Aug - 2023


14 Aug - 2025


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