Opening of the Swedish Aeronautical Research Center (SARC)

Invitation to the opening of the Swedish Aeronautical Research Center (SARC)

In order to strengthen Sweden's competitiveness and innovation capacity in the aviation sector, INNOVAIR has initiated the establishment of a national academic Aeronautical Research Center in Sweden with the help of funding from VINNOVA. The main motivation is to establish a research network of aeronautics researchers in Sweden with the intention of improving cooperation between the universities, research institutes and the Swedish aviation industry.

The planning of the center activities has been carried out by a working group consisting of representatives from INNOVAIR, KTH, LiU and Chalmers. The application for the Center's financing over a three-year period was approved on April 18th by VINNOVA. Officially, the center will be presented at a kick-off event at the host university, which is Linköping University (LiU), from lunch 18/6 to lunch 19/6.

We would very much like you to attend and please invite any PhD students that work in the field to come along.Registration and further information can be found at the Center's website and we hope that we will see you inauguration.