Structual Optimization, 7,5 hp

Specific courses for LIGHTer PhD network

Aims of the course

The objective of stuctural optimization is to find the 'optimal' design. The term 'optimal' design can apply to various aspects and the common features that are optimized are minimum weight or maximum stiffness of a structure. The course is aimed to give the student knowledge and fundamental understanding of modern tools.


Mathias Wallin 
Div. of Solid Mechanics

Anders Klarbring 
Div. of  Solid  Mechanics

Course literature

  • Christensen, P.W. And Klarbring, A. An introduction to Structural Optimization, Springer Verlag.
  • CALFEM-manual, computer program for learning the finite element method, Structural Mechanics and Solid Mechanics, Lund 1999.


The course includes mandatory assignments. The assignment is performed in groups of two or individually. The assignment shall be handed in not later than 15/9 2015. The assignment will be graded pass or fail.


It will be assumed that all students have fundamental understanding of the finite element method. A first course on linear finite element is sufficient.