Ultraljudassisterad bearbetning av avancerade aluminiumlegeringar

Project idea

Novelty, to combine ultrasonic technology with high pressure Liquid Nitrogen, above 25 bar, could lead to substantial effects on the machining operation. This effect in combination with the action of the ultrasonic actuator that will bring a displacement of the cutting edge, could lead to a possibility for small amounts of very cold nitrogen to get into the contact zone between the chip and rake face and between the cutting edge and the work piece. Thereby, have the possibility to influence the frictional conditions. The intentions are to expand this topic to include other materials. An industrial implementation will be done at participating companies first. 


Project contribution to the LIGHTer Program Goals

New materials need beside it an effective manufacturing method to reduce costs in order to avoid cost to be a barrier for market entrance. As an example advance aluminum material for break discs will have an opportunity to be used sooner by this project thereby contribute to the overall objectives of Lighter.

Project Partners

University West
Automotive Components FLOBY, AC-Floby
Hydro Extruded Solutions AB

Projektet delfinansieras av Vinnova.

01 Sep - 2019


31 Aug - 2020


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