Ny lättviktslegering baserad på högentropikonceptet (NOVELA)

Project idea

The NOVELA project aims at developing the next-generation high-performance light alloys (Al-alloys) that possess improved strength over current engineering light alloys while reducing the density. The replacement of heavy parts by the lightweight high-performance components reduces energy (fuel) consumption, and thus the carbon footprint in the many industries that are end-users of metallic parts; such as aerospace, automotive and household sectors, as intended end-users. Beside component design optimization, fulfilling the lightweight demand requires further development of advanced high-performance light alloys. Development of Al alloys as one of the most commonly used light alloys has been slowed down due to the limitations set by conventional alloy design routines. This feasibility research combines traditional alloy design routines with a ground-breaking alloy design strategy (high entropy alloys) to develop a new generation of Al-alloys.

The modified alloys designed and produced in this project are expected to possess improved specific strength (strength to density ratio), and structural stability compared to the existing light alloys at room and elevated temperatures, up to 250°C. Successful implementation of the project idea will contribute to the development of advanced high-performance alloy solution for harsh environment applications. This feasibility study is an excellent ground for further improvement in the technology readiness level (TRL) of the idea for the near future. It is expected to continue the research after the NOVELA project in order to increase the TRL level from 3-4 to 7-8 within the next 10 coming years.

Project contribution to the LIGHTer Program Goals

Among other themes, the project goals are aligned with the LIGHTer innovation-theme #4 (Lättare genom förbättrade egenskaper och innovativa lösningar), where one of the main aims is to decrease the weight through improved properties and new innovative solutions. The project idea can lead to >20% reduction in density of the conventional metallic alloys with the same performance (same strength). Developing the next generation of high-performance light alloys opens a new door for replacement of heavy components in the industry, which will have a direct impact on energy consumption. Besides, improving the durability of light alloys will decrease the frequent need for service and maintenance in many applications that directly affect the sustainability aspects of the industry and society.

Project Partners

Jönköping University (JTH)
GKN Aerospace Sweden
Thermo-Calc Software

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