Accelererad Utveckling av Avancerade Höghållfasta Lättviktslegeringar för SLM-processen

Project idea

The project aims to identify limitations in the development of new materials for metal AM and to develop methods to solve or circumvent these, primarily through simulations and modelling within the ICME-based framework of QuesTek´s Materials by Design®-methodology. The method is used to reduce the need for experimental testing by incorporating the process-specific conditions of AM in the design of new alloys for light-weight applications. In this project the focus is the development of a printable high strength Al-alloy. From the feasibility study, the expected outcome is to showcase the possibility to design Al-alloys for AM using ICME, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the approach and investigate potential needs to extend the project consortium for a full-scale project.

Project Contribution to the LIGHTer Program Goals

There is an industrial need for a wider range of printable materials for light-weight applications. To improve the performance of components produced by AM these alloys need to be both printable and fulfill tough requirements on mechanical properties. The project will contribute to accelerated development of Al-alloys for AM, enabling the optimization of materials in addition to topology optimization for weight reduction. The project results will primarily contribute to the innovation theme 2 “lighter with a shorter development time” as the number of design iterations and the number of required prototypes is reduced by the Materials by Design®-approach. In extension, the project may also contribute to theme 1 “lighter with lower cost” and theme 4 “lighter with improved properties” for certain applications through an increase in material variety. For the feasibility study the project will cover TRL 3, whereas in a full-scale project we would aim towards TRL 4-5. The feasibility of computationally designed Al-alloys for AM will be demonstrated by printing small test specimen of compositions to verify the modelling and design. If successful, this feasibility study is intended to be continued as a full-scale project that may greatly increase the partners capabilities and the development rate of new materials for industrial application of metal AM.

Project partners

QuesTek Europe AB
Höganäs AB

Projektet delfinansieras av Vinnova.

01 Sep - 2019


31 Aug - 2020


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