Utveckling av EBM-tillverkade titanlegering delar för högpresterande lättviktsdesign

Project idea

The project focuses on electron beam melting (EBM) for Ti alloy in both aerospace and biomedical application as a means of high performance light weight design. The goal is to build confidence to use EBM for highly loaded components that would benefit significantly from the design in aerospace applications where fatigue loading is critical and to further develop EBM as a main approach for bionic design for future medical parts. Successful implementation of project results is expected to bring the TRL-level from TRL4 towards TRL6 for specific parts. The results will open-up new commercial alternatives for aerospace and biomedical industry.

The project will provide the necessary decision support for GKN to bring their development of use of EBM-Ti towards implementation for their products. The project will provide Arcam with a platform for further marketing of their EBM-technology as solution provider for improved stress shielding solutions in medical sector. The knowledge obtained ensures robust EBM manufacturing and high performance of components. Project agreement will secure IPR for future implementation of industrialization of project results. Besides presentation at LIGHTer conferences, results dissemination will include international scientific publications and conferences.

Project Contribution to the LIGHTer Program Goals

The proposed project addresses both innovation themes “Lighter through improved properties and innovative solutions” and “Lighter with reduced development time”. In aerospace, EBM constitutes a manufacturing technology for realizing light weight structures provided that thin wall designs are strong enough and surface characteristics can be controlled. By securing predictable and consistent fatigue performance, it is envisaged that more than 20% lighter products can be obtained through the project. The assessed correlation between mechanical performance and product characteristics will ensure that development time from design to print can be shortened by 50% for specific products. In the biomedical application, light weighting is realized by optimized/bionic design of future implants having tailored surfaces, thin wall structures and open networks. The resulted low modulus matches better with the human body, reducing the mismatch in stiffness and alleviating the stress-shielding. This ensure long-term safe application. High design freedom and flexibility shorten lead time to final usage.

Deltagande företag

GKN Aerospace Sweden AB
Rise IVF
Göteborg University
Arcam AB

Projektet delfinansieras av Vinnova

01 Sep - 2019


31 Aug - 2022


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