Composite Structures with Intrinsic Graphene Sensors

Kort sammanfattning av projektidén

The project aims to develop sensing structural composite material with integrated and distributed graphene sensors. Novel graphene sensors will be developed and integrated into composite materials. The project will enable sensing of temperature and deformation-/pressure during manufacturing of the composite structure along with health-monitoring during use of the product.


Projektets bidrag till våra programmål 

Process monitoring during manufacturing of composite structures shortens the learning curve, leads to improved process understanding, opens for machine learning and thereby, in the future, provides a path towards more robust composite processing. This leads to cost reduction through shorter lead times (> 20% lower development time) and higher process robustness (>20% lower material use).
The intrinsic sensors will be designed to report on the mechanical deformation of a structure during use. This will result in both lighter and cheaper composite structures though the avoidance of conservative design demands. Further, it improves the component safety though continuous monitoring of its health (>20% lower cost and >20% weight reductions).

Projektets implementering

The project will result in demonstration of sensor integration in wind turbine blades, composite toolings and composite objects. The sensor signals will be analysed during the composite manufacturing process. This will provide knowledge about integration techniques of this types of sensors and will shorten the development time and enable implementation into products in a shortened time frame.

Deltagande företag

Saab AB- Business Area Aeronautics – Project leader
Saab AB – Business Area Dynamics
Danubia NanoTech (Slovakia)

Projektet delfinansieras av Vinnova.

01 Oct - 2018


01 Oct - 2021


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