Digital pilot för optimering av produktegenskaper


In product development today, computer simulation models is used because they typically:

- Reduce development time
- Increased knowledge about products being developed
- Decrease development costs

Most products on the market are optimized in some respect, but often by manual efforts. Even though this is a great start, there are good reasons why dedicated process automation and optimization tools are now becoming popular. The systematic design optimization approach allows engineers to:
- Explore huge design spaces
- Improve collaboration efficiency with colleagues, suppliers and customers
- Find better designs and making better decisions

In this project we have used both topology optimization applied to structural components and the general parametric approach based on design variables. Parametric optimization allows engineers in the same design task to include results from different engineering disciplines like structural analysis, computational fluid dynamics together with manufacturing considerations and product cost analysis. This unique characteristic positions the parametric approach on the same level of importance as financial and customer relations software in the company. As demonstrated in this project, it is also equally useful to support the needs of a single engineer.

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The work in the project were divided into three practical cases. One for each
industrial participant. One of these are confidential. The other two are:

  • Simulation of the use of sandwich metal
  • Optimization of an aircraft engine part

These two are described in this report and the results from the confidential case is described in general terms.

The overall results are:

  • Digital optimization and simulation were tested and proven feasible.
  • Optimization and simulation tools are powerful and accurate if used correctly.
  • Special skills are required to handle these simulation software. Suitable education is a Master of Science degree or doctoral degree with specialization in optimization and simulation.
  • Parameters that can be improved by using the CAE tools used in this project are:
    • Lead time in business situations
    • Physical properties such as:
      • Weight
      • Stiffness
      • Shape
  • Detailed calculations can be done on carbon fiber reinforced epoxy structures.

The results indicate that CAE/Digital tools within different application areas clearly can support the dialogue with a client in supplying accurate facts about the products in a shorter time compared to the previous set up with absent of the Digital tools. Therefore, the use of the CAE tools clearly strengthens the competitiveness of Swedish enterprises in a global market.
A short video sequence has been prepared where participants in the project describe the advantages of the project and what the project has contributed to their daily based business activities. Furthermore, a PowerPoint presentation is available as a collection of the project outcome. Both the video and the presentation material can be used as digital documents in seminars or other dissemination activities to share the project results and knowledge.

Deltagande företag

Research organizations:
Swerea IVF AB
Swerea Sicomp AB
Industrial partners:
GKN Aerospace Sweden AB
Lamera AB
Husqvarna Aktiebolag
EnginSoft Nordic AB
Altair Engineering AB

Projektet delfinansieras av Vinnova

01 Mar - 2017


15 Mar - 2018


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