LIGHTer - Lightweight materials and design, 6hp

Fundamental course in lightweight technologies

About the course

This course aims at giving Ph.D.-students within the lightweight structures and material in Sweden a broad overview of the subject area. It will give theoretical foundations in a wide perspective on materials, structural concepts, manufacturing processes, analysis and design methods, and applications of these in a true industrial context – all with focus on lightweight. Detailed information about the course, such as key dates can be found in the course description attached below.

Target Group

PhD students working and researching areas in line with the lightweight agenda. 

Course goals

After completing the course the student shall:

  • Have knowledge about materials currently used and others that can be used to make products lighter. 
  • Have foundational understanding for different structural concepts used, their pros and cons and how that affects materials selection and manufacturing process choices. 
  • Understand different manufacturing processes for different types of material and structural concepts and how that affect design, weight and product cost. 
  • Explain the differences between demands in various industrial segments with respect to their respective products; how that affects materials selection, concept and manufacturing process choices, and possible paths for making their products lighter and cheaper. 
  • Be able to place their own research in an industrial context and be able to explain which possible use this research has in medium to long term enabling the industry to make lighter and cheaper Products.

Course contents

The course is given during 10 days, divided into five two-day occasions and one additional examination occasion. Every two-day occasion is given at different industries in Sweden who are part of the LIGHTer network. The first day consists of theoretical lectures in a certain subject while the second day is divided between lectures given by the industry and a field visit.


General knowledge about materials, structures, manufacturing and design methods.

Course literature

Various lectures notes and presentations.

Course requirements

100% presence at lectures and field visits and approved examination. Active participation at the LIGHTer yearly conference/Ph.D.-seminar where you should also give a presentation. 


Presentation at the LIGHTer yearly conference/PhD seminar in connection to the yearly LIGHTer conference. The presentation MUST contain the following: 

  • The context (academic and industrial relevance) of my own research. 
  • How MY research can contribute to academic and industrial goals in the spirit of the LIGHTer-agenda. 
  • The goal of MY research in short and long term, and what kind of contribution it can give towards the goals of the LIGHTer agenda. 
  • At least ONE concrete suggestion for how (at least) one industrial sector (different from the one currently in focus) could make their products lighter by using my knowledge or through some idea I have gained through the course.