LIGHTer PhD Network Seminar

Start: 28 Apr 2021, 14:00

End: 28 Apr 2021, 15:00

Location: Zoom meeting,

Type: Digital seminar

Welcome to our next LIGHTer PhD Network Seminar!

This time the seminar is held by two LIGHTer PhD alumni:
Dr. Liang Deng, Shanghai Institute of Technology 
Dr. Deng is a lecturer at Shanghai Institute of Technology . Before that he worked as senior simulation engineer at Autoliv (Shanghai) Vehicle Safety Technical Center.  Dr. Deng received his PhD degree in 2017 at Luleå University of Technology. In this talk Dr Deng will share with you: the personal experience in Autoliv (Shanghai), his present work in Shanghai Institute of Technology; how he re-start the research on high-temperature tribology; and his current research on the tribology of the hot stamping of aluminum alloys. 
Dr.  Anton Shipsha, KTH: 
Dr Shipsha is a PostDoct at KTH, Department of Engineering Mechanics. He received his PhD degree at KTH in 2019. 
You can join the seminar simply by clicking this link:
password: 054245