Loose weight and save energy!

No, in spite of the heading this is not an ad on personal health. Weight reduction and reduced energy consumption has rather been the overarching themes in a series of public lunch seminars arranged by LIGHTer Academy during the spring. Each month, one of the university researchers in LIGHTer Academy has given a talk on their ongoing research activities, at each occasion accompanied by an invited guest presenter. The talks have provided insights and updates on a range of topics related to lightweight technology and energy management and each session has inspired interesting and lively follow-up discussions. The seminar series will now be paused during the summer and commence again in August. Hopefully, the pandemic situation will then permit the online seminars to be complemented by the presence of a live audience. An overview of the topics covered during the spring seminars is provided below and indicates the types of topics that can be expected also for the fall series of seminars. Hope to see you there!

The Batteries of the Future are Weightless and Invisible
Leif Asp (Chalmers) and Emile Greenhalgh (Imperial College), December 2020

Mitigation of composite delamination through 3D woven fibre reinforcements
Martin Fagerström (Chalmers) and Stefan Hallström (KTH), January 2021

Investigation of strain-age cracking in Ni-based superalloys using hi-energy synchrotron radiation
Martin Fisk (MAU) and Emanuel Larsson (LTH), February 2021

Laser Processing of Metallic Material
Håkan Hallberg (LTH) and Jan Frostevarg (LTU), March 2021

Powder based metal additive manufacturing: feedstock powder and its effect on component properties
Eduard Hryha (Chalmers) and Laura Cordova (Universty of Twente), April 2021

Right Properties at the Right Place
Lars-Erik Lindgren (LTU) and Daniel Berglund (RISE), May 2021

Integration of computational tools and advanced characterization methods to understand phase transformations in metallic materials
Greta Lindwall (KTH) and Fan Zhang (NIST), June 2021

On behalf of LIGHTer Academy
Greta Lindwall, KTH
Håkan Hallberg, LTH