Lightweight Technology

The right material in the right place

The ability to use the right material in the right place is an obvious innovative theme in weight reduction. Our goal is to cut weight by 50 percent, by combining different materials while reaching optimal function. 

The interest in multimaterial construction and joining technology has accelerated during the recent years. Swedish industry has a huge need for more innovative joining techniques. The challenge is to find structural solutions that can handle the different thermal expansions and galvanic corrision of the materials. The problems are obvious with materials as different as aluminium, steel and polymer composite, or when two steel alloys with different characteristics are joint together. Then it is all about preserving product characteristics in the joining process. 

One key to success is reliable calculation methods that can, for instance, estimate the lifetime of joinings. There is also a need for automatic joining processes to increase precision and production speed. Even in the products final days, joining plays a crucial role in facilitating dismantling or other strategies for recyling and reuse.