Got an idea for a new project? Through LIGHTer you can apply for funding to carry out small innovative feasibility studies or larger projects lasting several years. 

We provide funding for five types of projects: 

  • Research and innovation projects - bigger projects that run over several years, co-funded by Vinnova
  • Feasibility studies - small pre-projects for major technology leaps
  • LIGHTer SME projects - co-funding for small and medium-sized enterprises for technical development, supported by Vinnova
  • Strategic investments - development projects funded by the membership programme
  • Member cheques  - co-funding for SMEs to develop, demonstrate and test lightweight techniques, materials and processes. Funded by the membership programme.

Most funding calls are written in Swedish, although we sometimes publish calls that provide international funding. For more information on the different projects and their funding, please contact Cecilia Ramberg or Christian Olsson

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