Got a great project idea? Through SIP LIGHTer, you can apply for funding to cover everything from small, innovative feasibility studies to multi-year projects. We fund three types of projects within SIP LIGHTer:

•    Research and innovation projects – Major projects that last several years, co-funded by Vinnova.
•    Feasibility studies – Smaller-scale pre-projects for major technological leaps, co-funded by Vinnova.
•    LIGHTer SME project – Co-funding for SMEs for technology development. Funded by Vinnova.

Our website also highlights other types of funders. For those, you will see “LIGHTer recommends” above the call.
Reporting templates and model agreements (a project agreement that you are welcome to use) are available at the bottom of this page. 
You can find more information about each funding opportunity in the call descriptions below. If you have any questions about the calls, please contact Cecilia Ramberg or Christian Olsson.

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